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Equal Opportunities Policy

The Equal Opportunities Policy has been written by a qualified professional and is regularly reviewed and updated, providing the most comprehensive and best value available. Our Equal Opportunities Policy comes in MS document which is easy to understand and edit with your company logo and details.

The Equal Opportunities Policy has been written in accordance with current best practice. It provides specific protection to the Company in respect of the Age Discrimination Regulations that came into force in October 2006. This Policy follows ACAS guidelines to comply with the Age Discrimination Regulations, and fulfils requirements previously required by the Sex, Race and Disability Discrimination Acts and other relevant Regulations. 

The Equal Opportunities Policy has been updated to reflect the provisions of the Equality Act 2010

The Equal Opportunity Policy is 12 pages long and includes the following clauses:

1. Policy Statement
2. The Law
3. Unlawful Discrimination
4. Direct Discrimination
5. Indirect Discrimination
6. Examples of Harassment
7. The Responsibilities of all Employees
8. The Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors
9. Harassment
10. Recruitment
11. Promotion and Transfer
12.Terms of Employment, Benefits, Facilities and Services
13. Training
14. Performance Development and Career Review
15. Reasonable Adjustments
16. Disciplinary Offence
17. Grievance Procedure

Equal Opportunities Policy £9.99


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